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Those who volunteer with the Family Resource Centre will be screened in a manner that is appropriate to the level of risk that is involved in the position which they will be undertaking. Particular care will be taken when the position involves working directly with children.

This process involves not only initial intake procedures, but also provision of necessary training and ongoing supervision and monitoring of the volunteer.

Volunteers who will be in a position having direct contact with children you may be required to undergo the following procedure:

  • Complete an application form for the position

  • Undergo an interview by appropriate person.

  • A reference check of three references. This may not always be the references provided by the applicant, but the applicant’s consent must be obtained before other people are contacted.

  • A police reference check must be completed by the applicant before they are finally accepted and a Certificate of Conduct must be provided for the applicant’s file.

  • A Child Protection Certificate must be obtained through the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development.

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